Alex and Coe

October 19, 2019

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    It's an interesting one, to say the least.

    When they met, Alex was a student at Fitchburg State University and Coe was - dun dun dun - her boss! Now, all jokes aside, it was not The Time for them during those four years, for a variety of reasons, and they were merely co-workers. That wasn't to say that they weren't friends, though, and when Alex graduated she felt like it was the right time to be Real-Life Friends rather than Work Friends. So, over the next few years, a Real Friendship blossomed and slowly deepened. Feelings began taking form, and over those years they danced around each other quite a bit while they worked it all out. (Their friends could clearly see what they were in denial about, but mostly kept it to themselves, probably because it was funnier that way.)

    Cut to three years post Alex's graduation, and they decide to go on a picnic (this is mostly Alex's idea). After driving around for 3 hours looking for the right state park, digging out a broken wine cork for 20 minutes, and spilling the first glass of wine that was poured, eventually the two ended up finally talking about Their Feelings, and the rest was history.

    Now the proposal, that's another good story. Three years into the relationship, they had already decided they were going to get married, and didn't feel the need to make a big deal about it or get extra engagement rings or get down on one knee in front of fireworks and a flash dance mob or whatever it is that people think they need to do when getting engaged these days. But, unbeknownst to Alex, Coe had plans. See, they had gone to Cirque du Soleil 2 years prior in Canada, and had to leave halfway through because of car troubles. Alex had always been sad that she missed it, because she had never been before. So when Coe found out that the very same Cirque show was coming to Boston, and just in time for the anniversary of their Picnic Date, she couldn't pass it up. She bought VIP tickets (and never told Alex how much they cost...it's better that way), which scored them a separate tent with free booze and food all night, and a photo booth. So during intermission, they came back to the tent and decided to take some photos. Their photographer, Curtis, was a delightful man on "vacation" from his job as the Director of the International Butler Academy in Switzerland (true story). Alex was engaging him in conversation, and when she looked back, Coe was down on one knee. Curtis immediately started hyperventilating with excitement and Alex, knowing they had already started planning a wedding and weren't doing rings, assumed that Coe was merely striking a funny pose for a photo and tried to convince Curtis to calm down because it wasn't real. Coe politely informed her that actually, she did indeed have a ring, which led Alex to look quite silly while she realized that yes, it was actually a Formal Proposal. (Curtis was still hurriedly taking as many pictures as he could.) Later, several different people who had seen the event unfold approached Alex and Coe to congratulate them, which they thought was very nice and which reinforced their desire to continue living in Massachusetts.

    But here's the real surprise: Since they wanted to get married outside, but weren't sure where, and didn't know if they wanted to have a whole separate ceremony and hulabaloo on the day of - they thought that while on their upcoming trip to see a friend, California would be a great place to elope. And so, after ordaining their friend for the day, they wound their way up a (terrifying) mountain road to the middle of an old-growth Redwood forest, found a quiet, beautiful clearing off the beaten path, and got married under the trees. (And then took lots of silly pictures with their friends.) It was perfect.

    And so, this wedding celebration will be a big ol' party! If you were expecting vows, don't be heartbroken, there will be vows! Just no ceremony. (Our CA decision was pretty last-minute and so were our vows, so we'd like to make a better go of it.) Dress in whatever you want - with it being so close to Halloween, costumes are welcome, or any creative way you want to show up! We feel like this more accurately represents how our wedding would go. ;D All we care about is celebrating with those closest to us. We love you all.