The Party People

Meet our wedding party!

  • Maid of Honor
    Nicole Larsen

    Nicole and I met freshman year of college when we were matched as roommates, and I think we both were a little nervous about it. Well, it couldn't have turned out much better! Since then Nicole has become one of my absolute dearest friends. We have so much fun together doing whatever, honestly, and we level each other out, I think. Nicole is one of the most kind, thoughtful, mature people I have ever met, which I REALLY need in my life haha. Thank you for keeping me level-headed, giving me the best advice (even when it's not what I want to hear), and always being there. I can't wait to have you by my side, Sparkles.

  • Best Man
    Ben Kannenberg

    Ben "Too Tall" Kannenberg is from Wisconsin, which explains a lot. Ben and Bryan (a.k.a. Benny and the Yan) became fast friends when we all lived on Walker 10 together, and they were roommates for three years after. Putting those two together is sure to result in excessive puns, so watch out for that on the big day. These two are so goofy and so fun and gosh darnit, Ben, come back to Oklahoma! We love Ben but we especially love to make fun of Ben. The man is just too tall. In all seriousness, Ben is the kindest, most accomplished guy in the world, and knowing him makes our lives a lot better.

  • Maid of Honor
    Christiane Phillips

    Christiane Phillips, a.k.a. the actual Love of My Life... It is an absolute wonder that Chris and I are friends. We met freshman year of college because she, too, lived on Walker 10 and we had Spanish class together. How we managed to move past the very sensitive, political topic of our first conversation ever to become the friends we are now I'll never know, but goodness am I grateful. I'd have to be much better with words to really describe how much having Christiane in my life means to me, but suffice to say that she is one of the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for.

  • Groomsman
    Andy Jarnevic

    Andy Jarnevic is a hoot and a half. Another friend from Walker 10, he has made our lives fun since freshman year. Bryan and Andy apparently have a hard time behaving like normal people when they get together, but it's okay because it's hilarious to watch. The two spend their time together drinking Big Red and being absolutely ridiculous. Andy is awesome and way too smart (he's seriously out getting a PhD in math rn). Thanks for being our friend, Andy, we love you.

  • Bridesman
    Matt Mitchell

    Matty Boy is my favorite dude around. Yet another Walker 10 friend, Matt is legitimately like the funniest person I've ever met. Our relationship largely consists of us talking crap about ourselves and insisting the other isn't as big of a mess as they think, which is surprisingly theraputic. I love Matt for many reasons but one is that he's always down to help me rob a high security bank ( Matt is so, so smart and so, so knowledgable and so, so fun.

  • Groomsman
    Caleb Frome

    Caleb Frome (pronounced "Fr-oh-m") (maybe) likes to watch birds and eat chicken. One of those things is a favorite of Bryan's so they get along pretty well. Caleb was another Walker 10 friend, and he and Bryan grew close because they were both computer science majors. They spent so much time studying together (and by studying I think I mean playing pool) that they basically had to become good friends. Caleb is one of our most adventurous friends but be careful going on trips with him as you may accidentally end up in Mexico. Once I found a hat that said "So Handsome" and bought it for Caleb and that has led to some funny stories (ask him about it sometime). We're really glad to have Caleb in our lives and in our wedding party!

  • Bridesmaid
    Brittany Bingham

    Britt and I worked together in an ancient lab at OU, so we've seen each other looking our very worst. Nevertheless, we love each other very much. She is my fellow cat lady and we love to hang out together and do absolutely nothing. We share a love of board games and I have never beaten her in a single game of Settlers of Catan, unfortunately. I asked her to be a bridesmaid at her birthday party when we were both.. slightly inebriated, and we cried. I'm so excited to have her stand by me on my wedding day <3.

  • Groomsman
    Alex Stubblefield

    Alex Stubblefield knows way too much about sports I don't care about, but I guess that's why Bryan likes him. Alex, surprise!, lived with us on Walker 10 as well, and then he lived with Bryan junior and senior year. I guess they bonded over sports news and sports video games and Wendy's Spicy Nuggs (R.I.P) (Welcome Back?!). Alex is smart and cool and has the best fashion sense of the guys I know, which is pretty impressive.

  • Bridesmaid
    Abigail Harris

    Abigail was my friend in high school so she's CLEARLY a crazy person. It's super special to have her stand by my side on my big day because she was the first person I called after my first kiss with Bryan! She and I have such a cool relationship- it's hard to keep up with people when you live so far apart but one phone call and it's like we were never apart. Abigail is the best person when you need to talk at 2 o'clock in the morning (honestly one of the most important friends to have in your life).

  • Groomsman
    Mitchell Peebles

    Mitchell was Bryan's friend in high school and Bryan was supposed to write this bio but he's a slacker.