Sean and Chelsea

We are getting married!

March 21, 2020

New Castle, Indiana

  • #MarryingMuha

    We are getting married!!

    We have decided that we like each other enough to spend our lives together. And what better way to start the rest of our lives together than to have a big party and invite our family and friends. We hope you can join us as we say ‘I do’!

    Stay tuned for updates on all our wedding events!

  • Our Story

    Sean and Chelsea’s story is 20 years in the making!

    They met in the first grade at Wilbur Wright. Although they were friends throughout elementary, middle and high school, they never spent any time outside school together.

    Once they were out of high school their friendship circles became similar. Although they were both interested in one another, they were both to shy to let the other know!

    Sean moved to another state and it wasn’t until Chelsea’s best friend made a joke about them making a good couple that Sean decided that it was time to finally ask Chelsea out on a date!

    After 5 months of traveling back and forth from Tennessee to Indiana, Sean finally moved back to Indiana in August 2017.

    Christmas Eve 2018, Sean asked Chelsea to marry him and she said yes!