The Wedding Party

Here they are! The A1 Day 1's!

  • Maid of Honor
    Kelsey Tatge

    Kelsey and Brit have been friends since high school! They went to Bloomsburg University together and were roommates/neighbors when they became best friends. They love crafting, decorating, and doing artsy things with eachother! They now live 5 minutes away from eachother and love to drink wine and chill. Although Kels is mellow and laid back, and Brit is a firecracker, they're eachother's perfect balance. There is no one better fit for MOH than Kels!

  • Best Man
    Sammy Marshall

    Sammy & Ryan have been friends since the first day Sammy came to East Penn (6th grade). Over time they have developed a long-lasting brotherhood fueled by sports, humor, beach trips, and common past times. When they were younger, weekends were filled with “hood-rat” shit in the hard knock streets of Camp Hill. LOL. With the amount of time that Sammy spends at the Rivera residence losing in Madden or 2k, he has considered paying rent. Ryan’s life could be extremely different if it wasn’t for a friend like Sammy. Sammy has always been there for Ryan, whether it be good or bad. Ryan is looking forward to having Sammy be his best man for life!

  • Matron of Honor
    Heather Carlino

    These two together are trouble!! They've been best friends for almost 10 years and it's been nothing but a crazy, amazing time!! Vacations, parties, buying houses, decorating, work out partners, you name it! It's always a wild fun time together. Heather & Brit are each others' ride or dies. Heahter is Brit's Meredith and Brit is Heath's Christina. They're eachother's "person." They've stood with each other through many life events and Brit can't wait to have her by her side on her day.

  • Honorary Groomsman
    Vlad Bruce

    Vlad & Ryan have been friends since they both can remember (11 years). Every weekend was the same, either Ryan would be at Vlad’s house or Vlad would be at Ryan’s house. Either way, they were both always together looking for some sort of activity to do. Often their days were filled with some type of backyard sport, movies, or PlayStation and evenings they were usually partaking in some type of “hood-rat” shit along with Sammy. Vlad & Ryan have had their shares of GOOD laughs together and are looking forward to the amazing memories in the future.

  • Honorary Bridesmaid
    Rachel Nye

    Since junior year of highschool on the softball team, Rachel has been Brit's very best friend. They share the same sense of humor and the clowns always keep eachother laughing. Rachel's mom is a second mom to Brit and her home a second home. They are eachothers voice of reason, shoulder to cry on, devil's advocate, and always there when they need eachother. They fight like sisters, but love like sisters and will always be very best friends.

  • Bridesmaid
    Mehana Moosa

    Brit and Mehana have been friends for about 5 years. They'll never forget the day they met: Brit woke Mehana up at 9:00 am with a shot of vodka and said "wake up bitch, it's time to get f***'d up!" And it was all history after that. They're both crazy but both keep eachother in line. Brit couldn't make it through this day without her!!

  • Groomsman
    Austin Kulp

    Austin & Ryan became friends about 8 years ago, but really solidified their friendship the summer of 2015. They did EVERYTHING together! Kulp & Ryan spent just about every weekend attending or hosting some type of party, which in turn ended in some type of story, laugh, and/or memory. Between going to the beach or laying in the street, Austin & Ryan know how to have fun no matter where they are. They have so many goofy sayings and faces and have spent multiple nights crying due to laughter. They both have always had each other in the lowest of the low’s and Ryan knows he can count on Austin whenever he needs him (vice versa).

  • Bridesmaid
    Allie Arment

    Brit and Allie have a very special relationship. They met 5 years ago when they were fresh out of boot camp at their new unit where they were named the "Glitter Twins." They've been there for eachother at the worst of the worst times and probably couldn't have gotten through it without one another. They keep eachother looking fab at all times, even in uniform and love being "basic" together. They have a special bond that can never be broken that Brit is so grateful for. It's an honor to have Allie by her side on her day.

  • Groomsman
    Ky Barry

    Ky & Ryan have been friends since pony football when they played on the same team. Over time (10th grade) Ky & Ryan were almost inseparable. Ryan’s mom is a second mom to Ky and he knows he will over have a place to stay! From swimming in the pond to tripping on the rocks at Shockrock, Ky and Ryan have been through it all. Ryan has always looked at Ky like his little brother and they will always have each other’s backs.

  • Bridesmaid
    Soleil Sferlazza

    Soleil is like a little sister to Brit. Drives her nuts, but Brit loves her SO much. Soleil is one of the kindest, smartest, most genuine people Brit knows. Soleil is always over at Brit's house when she's not studying at Syracuse. She keeps Brit sane, even in the craziest moments. She loves to dance and is such a ray of sunshine in Brit's life. She brings so much to the bridal party, which wouldn't be the same without her!

  • Groomsman
    Christian Bogans

    Although newly formed, the friendship of Christian & Ryan is a unique one to witness. They have known each other for years thanks to football, but never actually bonded until recent. If you spent 15 minutes with the two, you might question their friendship with all the “kind” & “loving” words they share amongst each other. They have a very typical brother like relationship where every time you answer the phone it’s a “what do you want scrub?!” but with true concern. Christian & Ryan have watched just about every Philadelphia Eagles game together since they became friends and love sharing the emotions.

  • Bridesmaid
    Mikaela O'Malley

    Although their friendship hasn't been very long, it's forever!! They share the same sense of style and love for shopping, same sarcastic sense of humor, and same love of wine! Mik & Brit are almost as perfect of a match as Ryan & Brit! Brit couldn't picture her day without Mik by her side!

  • Groomsman
    Tj Stahlman

    Ryan & Tj have been friends for quite some time thanks to football. They have always been around each other but didn’t really develop a friendship until more recently. Ryan & Tj share many similarities including their love for their favorite football teams. Ryan still questions how he can be such good friends with a Cowboys fan... Regardless, anytime they are together you’ll probably find them laughing at some corny joke or just having a good time. Ryan is thankful to have Tj share such a special day with them.

  • Groomsman
    Jordan Rose

    Jordan & Ryan have always had a weird relationship. In fact, their friendship had developed over a crush Jordan had on a past girlfriend of Ryan’s. Ironic, right... Jordan and Ryan used to play football against each other and over time have built and long-lasting friendship. Jordan has always been the bad influence friend, often saying things like “Drive Faster” or “I dare you bro,” but Ryan is no angel either. Although Jordan is the “big dummy,” he will always be there to offer advice or guidance to Ryan. Ryan is beyond thankful for the presence of Jordan and his family in his life!