We are STILL getting married!

Jennifer Cooper & Sean Steuer

May 5, 2020
  • NEW PLAN!!!

    Soooo, since you were last here, COVID-19 has spread throughout the world and ruined our plans to get married in Mexico. RUDE!

    We are heartbroken and dissapointed that the wedding we have been planning and dreaming of can no longer happen. We had some surprises up our sleeve for our guests that would have blown you away, I mean, not to toot our own horns but we are pretty certain it was going to be the BEST. WEDDING. EVER!!!

    But don't worry, our plan B is just as exciting. Instead of beach bonfires, romantic sunsets, yacht parties, fire dancers, free flowing margaritas, we are going to get married....in our living room. Yes that's right, you read that correctly, in the living room of our Culver City apartment.

    We may not be able to have our dream wedding (yet) but what we do have is a relationship and a love that exceeds anything we could have ever dreamt of and becoming husband and wife is so much more imporant than any of the wedding details. So we are sticking a middle finger up to corona virus and doing the damn thing anyway.

    We are keeping our original date of May 5th, and we will be saying our I Dos from a safe 6ft distance from our officiant and one witness. If you know us at all you know how important our family and friends are to us and we didn't want to do this without you all, and we figured you will have watched everything good on Netflix by that point and will be looking for something new to watch. So, we will be live streaming the ceremony and then we would like to invite you all to participate in our vitual wedding reception.

    Get out of your sweat pants, brush your hair, grab a glass of bubbly and join us from the comfort of your own living room as we celebrate in a way that may be quite un-traditional but is certainly going to be one hell of a story for the grandkids.

    Now, let's just hope we are still talking to each other after 6 weeks of quarantine.

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