We are getting married!

Stephanie and Bryan

July 9, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

We know this is not exactly a "normal" wedding invite and that you might have some questions. Here are the ones we thought we be most common:

  • Why are you asking for deposits so much earlier than the cruise date?

    We need deposits in to get head counts and "dibs" for everything on Carnival. We may not be the only wedding taking place on this particular cruise, so a confirmed head count with deposits will allow us to reserve which specific room aboard the ship we will have the ceremony & which room the separate reception will be in, it will help us to reserve the best room locations for guests, and of course, the usual head count for food and drink. Plus, anyone who knows the bride knows that she's a neurotic planner :-)

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  • Why do we have to book through your Travel Agent?

    While we may be biased in thinking Stacey is the best thing since sliced bread, there are several reasons that we are asking that everyone go through our Travel Agent when booking their cruise. Firstly, as with all weddings, the ceremony and other events we have planned are done on a "per-head" basis with Carnival. If you don't book as part of our wedding, you may not be included in the planning of these activies for food and drink; if you show up to these events on the cruise and are not apart of Carnival's "official head count", you may be charged yourself for these events, or even worse, may not be allowed to participate! More importantly, Stacey is helping us to secure things like the best room locations, sale prices and added bonuses for our guests that we would like to share with everyone. Thank you for working with us on this request; you wont regret it!

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  • Are kids invited to the wedding?

    Yes they are! While we would like to leave it up to each family on how they would like to spend this mini-vacation with us, if you'd like to bring the kiddos along, please know they are welcome. Carnival Cruise Line itself is very family friendly with kids-only zones, activies and shows, so there wont be any shortage of fun for anyone in your fam!

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  • Why a Cruise Wedding?

    Well, why NOT a cruise wedding??? We have been on several cruises both together and apart & have always found them to be so much fun and a very reasonable vacation option when it comes to budgeting. We have also been to several weddings and thought that we wanted to do something a bit different. A cruise appealed to us because it allows us to spend more time with our guests whom we love and more time for all of us to celebrate our love together [I mean, by the time we get to the wedding we will have waited nearly a decade to get married, so why not extend the festivities a bit].

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